Ocular Infections in Immunocompromised Hosts

Patients on immunosuppressive medication for systemic or ocular inflammatory conditions, or who are immunocompromised due to chemotherapy, AIDS, or other reasons, are at heightened risk of ocular infection and present unique challenges to clinicians. Since infections in immunosuppressed patients may present atypically and potential pathogens are wide-ranging, we in the eyecare community do well to learn from one another’s experiences in order to avoid pitfalls of diagnosis and management specific to this population.

Improving Diagnosis and Outcomes of Sjögren’s Disease through Targeting Dry Eye Patients: A Continuing Medical Education Enduring Material

In the following pages, we review our current under- standing of dry eye disease (DED), including its relationship to Sjögren’s disease. We discuss the methods available to di- agnose DED and some of the diagnostic challenges that eyecare practitioners face. Because Sjögren’s disease repre- sents a significant but often overlooked subset of DED patients, we offer a protocol for selecting those who should be identified for additional testing as potential Sjögren’s disease patients. Finally, we offer an approach to management of Sjögren’s disease patients and describe resources available to them.